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“Dobrodiya” means love
put into every product we produce under the TM “Dobrodiya”.
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It means experience, traditions and innovations that allow us to preserve all the natural benefits of grain in our products.
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It means health concerns based on safety and the best quality characteristics confirmed by European laboratories.

We retain

of microelements
of vitamins
of macroelements
of grain healthiness

Our products

Oat flakes TM “Dobrodiya” contain 4,1 g of beta-glucan (per 100 g).

Beta-glucan is natural immune stimulant which has a positive effect on the human body: it lowers cholesterol, improves digestion, lowers sugar, normalizes metabolism. The recommended rate is 3.1 g / day.

The glycemic index of TM “Dobrodiya” cereals is 27.2, which means that the product belongs to the ones with a low glycemic index (examinations carried out by European laboratories).
Thus, “Dobrodiya” flakes destroy the stereotype “fast food = high glycemic index”.

Oat flakes TM “Dobrodiya” contain considerable amount of food fiber, amounting 11 g per 100 g of product.  

Food fiber (dietary fiber, vegetable fiber) is a complex of biopolymers that forms the walls of vegetable cells. They help to reduce the risk of developing of atherosclerosis, diabetes, obesity, gallstones, allergies and some kinds of cancers.